• Feb 10, 2022
Beskidy trip

School winter holidays. In Poland the school year is divided into two and in between there is a two week holiday, which is rotated by region and your two weeks fall somewhere between 1 January and end of February. Pre-pandemic we used to take the opportunity to go as far away as possible from the cold – Thailand, Bali, South Africa…those were the days!

  • Feb 09, 2022
How Warsaw stole my heart from London

I first moved to Warsaw for a gap year, between school and university, when I was 18. I knew the city somewhat from summer holiday stop offs to see my Grandma, when I was a child. Back then, I hated it. It was so grey and ugly. I couldn’t imagine a worse and more miserable place to live.

  • Feb 01, 2022
Cat people vs Dog people

I remember the first time an (American) friend of a friend asked me – in a somewhat accusatory tone – whether I am a cat or a dog person.

  • Jan 19, 2022
I am more than the a mother, witch doesn't make me any less a mother

I wrote in my very first post that I don’t want this blog to be a parenting blog. I have also mentioned that I usually leave mentioning my children till last. The reasons behind this are threefold.

  • Jan 02, 2022
Blog day 1: What to write about?! Raunchy vs. mundane

My blog project. It’s been in the pipeline since forever. But deciding an angle was no mean feat.